An Empty Nest Shouldn’t
Feel Like Emptyness

Support for [sensitive, caring] conscious parents and their adult children to heal growing emotional distance.

[to restore growing emotional gap] I use a integration of Embodiment (Somatic) Psychology and Spiritual Methods I call NeuroShiatsu™

You always knew your child would grow up, but you didn’t expect this painful pulling away! Your kid was and is your life. You’d do anything for them. But now it feels like they want little or nothing to do with you.

You try hard not to cry, and tell yourself “it’s not about me.” But the grief is overwhelming. You weren’t prepared for it to hurt like this.

You devoted your life to being a great parent

You vowed to never make the same mistakes your parents did.

You have personal development books on your nightstand and an oracle deck in your drawer.

You’ve done therapy, shadow work, meditation (or at least a lot of introspection) to heal your heart.

Because you were determined that your children would feel loved and supported (in all the ways you didn’t when you were a child).

You were not going to pass on the self-doubt, the heaviness in your chest, the tendency to lose yourself in relationships, to over-give, to feel alone…

Take a deep breath, you did well.

Many of my clients are psychologists, coaches, and spiritual teachers — healing is their life’s work! But when your children pull away, it’s hard even for skilled practitioners. We all need support when our deepest wounds are opened.

Hi, I’m Lucy,

and I help deeply-caring parents like you to improve your relationships with your grown children by giving them what they need now

— and by giving yourself what you need now.

That intense pain, worry and grief you’re feeling over your empty nest, or your adult children pulling away — those emotions become your new-normal UNTIL they start damaging your parent/child relationships.

If your kids are pushing you away, setting boundaries, or their partners/spouses are causing friction and distance that wasn’t there before — that tells me that you need some extra help and support.

All of this is likely triggering emotions, pain and abandonment trauma you thought you’d resolved.

Unsnarl the tangled emotions

My specialty is helping you unsnarl the tangled emotions that are stuck in your body, mind and heart so you can fully embody the loving parent, and person, you are meant to be.

And stop driving yourself and your kids nuts

Ways to work with me

Empty Nest
Soul Song

1:1 Coaching, energy healing, and body-based emotional processing to help you release grief, calm your nervous system and heal your attachment wounds so you can reforge stronger bonds with your adult children.

Enlightened Parent / Child Communication

Coaching for parents and adult children to open communication, build understanding, and heal the ancestral trauma cycles so you can move forward together with respect, healthy boundaries, appreciation and love.

Coaching for Adult Children

If you feel like your child needs help or life advice that they won’t accept from you… they may accept it from me.
Read more about how I can help young adults work through their struggles to thrive.

Start by booking a 20 minute complementary call to make sure this work is the right fit for your needs.

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