Inner Compass Coaching

Heal the wounds and shed the stories that keep you off track to living an authentic life

Like a spinning compass, you’ve been told you lack direction. But, like that spinning compass, your polarity has been disrupted by a powerful force, making it hard to find your True North.

This happens when you have a strong parent (who only wants the best for you!) who essentially handed you The Plan and was baffled when you didn’t follow that plan A to Z.

Or maybe you did.

Maybe you managed to tick off every box and realized you still weren’t happy (that happens too).

Maybe there were tough parts in your life that were hard to share with even close people.

Maybe your family went through an immigration or has a tough generational history.

Either way, when your life stopped going according to The Plan, you found yourself without a Plan B. So now…


  • You’re not sure what you want to do with your life. You would love to feel motivated and driven, but to do what? To go where? So you drift.
  • You struggle to be yourself (whatever that means!), getting lost in relationships, putting your own needs last.
  • You really struggle with organization, following a set schedule, getting places on time, remembering appointments…. OR (polar opposite!)…
  • You have a rigid structure you cannot deviate from or you fall apart. This is especially true of self-care routines. The things you must do to feel okay.
  • You binge to numb depression and anxiety — maybe on social media scrolling, maybe with chocolate, chips or alcohol, maybe with Netflix.
  • You are constantly anxious about what other people think and expect to be criticized by others. You feel like you’re always messing up, getting it wrong, or saying the wrong thing.You second-guess yourself. A lot.
  • And at the same time, you see all the pain in the world and feel called to help, even though you feel sensitive, fragile, and almost too empathetic.

Each day is a balancing act between anxiety, depression, self-care, and an inner critic that won’t quit.

This comes from a lifetime of suppressing your authentic self — because for so much of your life, you lived according to someone else’s Plan. Maybe unknowingly.

It’s time to claim your True North

But first, you have to stop desperately trying to connect with everyone else — and learn how to connect with yourself.

That’s what this 1:1 coaching is about Healing the wounds and rewiring your survival mechanisms. These very survival mechanisms were such a wise way to make it earlier in life but have taken you so far off course that you struggle to find your way — and your self — now.

Hi, I’m Lucy Goldstein

and wherever you are in this dimension of…

Don’t want to get out of bed
Want to heal the world

I’m here for you. Because those polarities are two sides of the same compass dial. The one that, right now, is spinning all over the place.

Many of my clients come to me when they have no plans, no clarity about what they want to do, and maybe have an Alphabet Soup of diagnoses — I love working with these clients to help them find their paths, and themselves (because you can’t find one without the other).

And, I also have clients on the other end — the hyper-functioners, high-achievers, the people with inner critics that drive them relentlessly onward without letting them rest or enjoy their achievements. If “shoulds” and “enoughness” nip at your heels, you may fall into this category.

These are your Survival Styles:

The ways you learned how to protect yourself and stay safe and connected when you were little.These styles helped you survive. They truly did. This is not an overstatement. But they are not serving now, when you are an adult. Survival Styles are also notoriously difficult to shift, because they’re how you’ve been living your entire life until now. They’ve been with you for so long that you mistook them for your personality.

This is not a quick fix, but this also isn’t ‘spend ten years in therapy’ (you’ve probably done that already).

In my coaching, which I call NeuroShiatsu™, I combine a unique selection of tools I’ve found to be particularly effective in healing the root causes of these patterns without playing the Blame Game, because these patterns started long before you (or your parents) entered the world.

We’re talking about ancestral traumas, stories, beliefs and neural wiring that were passed down to you through generations of ancestors who have *seen some shit*.

Our work peels back the layers and heals them — energetically, spiritually, emotionally, cognitively. So you feel a sense of hope that the weight in your chest can lift and you can free yourself from these patterns.

What we’re working towards:

On the way, you’ll find your sense of agency growing as you become responsible for your own healing. Your relationship with yourself will change as you grow into your adult consciousness, and care for your inner child with compassion. Your self-awareness will also grow — along with access to the inner resources you have as an adult that you didn’t have growing up.

This is how awareness can lead to change.

You will find your true adult voice — your adult consciousness — your adult agency.

And finally step into your adult power.

How this works

We start with a single 90-minute session. This is a real coaching session with no requirement or pitch to book additional sessions. I do this because I want you to experience what it’s really like to work together before you commit to anything.

If we are a fit, we will then choose the frequency of sessions. My clients tend to see tremendous growth and improvement quickly, but the really juicy, lasting results take time. This isn’t a quick fix. So I recommend thinking of this as at least a 3 month commitment. But if you don’t love it, I’m not going to lock you in. I think you’ll love it.

Each session is between 60 to 90 minutes long.

There may be homework, but each case is unique (ie. if you journal, we’ll use that. If you hate it, we won’t.)

This is for you if:

  • You’re ready to stop feeling scattered, unfocused and anxious all the time.
  • You’re willing to put down the phone/food/booze/impulse-buys/remote to sit with your feelings instead of numbing them.
  • You’d like to try taking ownership of your own healing moving forward.
  • You can do the deep work, not only to develop your self-awareness, but to develop your compassion and acceptance – first and foremost – for yourself. Only then we can truly feel it toward others. It’s much harder than it sounds, but it’s the key to everything else.

This may not be helpful for you if:

  • You’re kinda ‘married’ to your inner critic. Your IC has been with you for a long time, and you make quite a team. Not always a happy team, but you get a lot done. You’re not ready to fly solo yet.

  • You are absolutely NOT into modalities like:
    Energy healing

    I use a lot of energy healing and body-based practices to help you process tension and trauma, and rewire neural pathways to make it easier to shed old patterns. I call my approach NeuroShiatsu™. But if that sounds too “woo” for you, we likely aren’t a fit.

This can help you EVEN if:

  • You’ve been diagnosed with CPTSD, PTSD, ADHD, . These symptoms can often benefit from this work.
  • You rarely feel motivated to get out of bed, and/or you feel exhausted all the time. These can shift and lift!
  • You feel like you don’t have it together, at all. Everything feels like a struggle. You’re either swimming upstream, or giving up and drifting back down. That’s completely okay, we’ll start wherever you are and build your inner resilience over time.
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