About Lucy Goldstein

Hi, I’m Lucy Goldstein

Before I worked with empty nesters

I graduated school in Ukraine with a Masters in Applied Mathematics and Thermophysics, worked as a software engineer, married, had my son, and realized I was much more passionate about helping people than talking to computers!

Shiatsu was my gateway to learning many body-based and energy-based modalities to help people feel physically, emotionally and spiritually better. For more than 20 years I’ve worked in the field of alternative medicine, helping my clients heal from emotional and physical traumas, while also working on myself.

Since starting my body-based psychology trainings in 2017, I’ve completed a wide array of psychology programs: starting with Somatic Experiencing Practitioner degree, and more recently my Master’s Degree work in Practical Psychology, Psychological Counseling and Art Coaching. Utilizing the tools I’ve synthesized throughout the years my clients and I have been able to heal ourselves, heal the relationships with our adult children, partners, and parents.

My own Empty-Nest adventure

My own Empty-Nest adventure had started with my son leaving for college. Suddenly, even with all of my tools!, I felt empty, abandoned and left behind. Like a second cutting of the umbilical cord. I trusted his capacity to be in the world, but I constantly, devastatingly, worried about him.

I realized that the sense of ‘if I wasn’t there, he wasn’t safe’ - that wasn’t about him.

That was my trauma talking. Feeling abandoned and left behind — those weren’t things he was doing to me, those were reverberations of the past coming from inside myself.

I didn’t want every conversation with my son to be affected by my wounds and trauma.

This is how Empty-Nest healing work began for me.

If you’re like so many of my clients, you promised yourself that you would be a better parent than you had.

And you were.

But now is your chance to heal the rest of the way so you can be free to love and be loved as you and your child spread their wings.

The Studies & Trainings that were formative for my work


  • 1999 -2002 graduated from the International School of Shiatsu as Shiatsu Practitioner/ Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • 2003 Advanced Study Shiatsu Life Force Recovery with founder, Saul Goodman (of Shin Tai International)
  • 2004 Advanced Study Shiatsu for Pregnancy and Motherhood with Susanne Yates

Energy Healing

  • 2000 – Reiki level I & Reiki level II
  • 2018 – 2023 Vortex Divine Energy Healing, a holistic system of multi-dimensional healing & inner awakening.


  • 2002 – Present Practitioner of Vipassana Meditation (meditation for spiritual insights) with renowned meditation teacher Shinzen Young
  • 2009 Osho Active Meditations in Pune, India (if you struggle to sit still and meditate, this is the alternative meditation practice for you!)
  • 2017 The Finders Course, 4 months Meditation Intensive
  • 2019 – 2021 Meditation & Attachment Training Level I, Level II, Level III

Trauma Healing

  • 2017 Tension and Trauma Release Exercises Study with founder dr. Berceli.TRE Level I
  • 2017 – 2021 Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SE is a body-based therapeutic model that successfully works with Trauma and other stress disorders.)
  • 2019 – 2022 Advanced Somatic Experiencing Study with founder Dr. Peter Levin
  • 2020 Neuro- Affective Relational Model Informed Practitioner. NARM is a body-based therapeutic model developed to heal Early Childhood Trauma.
  • 2020 – 2023 Collective Trauma Healing with Thomas Hubl
  • 2021 – 2022 Advanced Somatic Practice Study with Kathy Kain

Practical Psychology

  • 2022 – 2024 Studying toward Master’s Degree in Practical Psychology, Psychological Counseling and Art Coaching

“The work between adult child and parent completes all that is incomplete in our personalities and our own development.” 

- Gabor Mate

On the other side of this work you’ll find:

  • A stronger, loving bond between two authentic, autonomous people
  • A richer relationship with your adult child, with more love and less resentment
  • Healing of your ancestral line, mending what’s broken, holding onto what’s good
  • How to be the guide and mentor your adult child still needs and wants
  • A deeper insight what you are meant to do here, on this earth

Live authentically and love unconditionally.

Without feeling overwhelmed by unsatisfied needs, unprocessed fears and suppressed grief.

This is what I help you do.

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